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23 January 2022, 00:50
Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy
real feel: -3°C
current pressure: 103 mb
humidity: 90%
wind speed: 2 m/s WSW
wind gusts: 3 m/s
sunrise: 8:01
sunset: 16:23


After my ship crashed, I, Robinson Crusoe, found myself on this God-forsaken island. The entire ship’s crew was killed; apparently I was lucky, because the sea has washed me ashore. The first days in my solitude were difficult. I did not know what will happen to me. I was hungry, thirsty and scared. I started to look around, and fortunately the fate was favorable for me.

Just 100 meters from the shore I found a place that could replace my home. It greeted me with unique and original interior and friendly service. Later on I learned, that this was one of the best and most popular places in Rewal. During the day I had the opportunity to choose from an extensive menu and experience an extraordinary culinary travel accompanied by suble music. In the extraordinary gourmet menu even I could find something for myself.

All the time on the island is filled with relax and fun. Whenever I feel like talking or having fun with other people, I come here, where I can dance to all kinds of music – from classical to musical hits.
This place attracted me with comfort, convenience and some extraordinary fun. With professional security I always felt safe, and the best DJ’s guaranteed party until dawn.

I’m in exile for many years now. Slowly I’m losing hope, that any ship will sail to take me home. It seems like I’ll spend the rest of my life on this island. It does not bother me at all. The place where I landed guarantees delicious food, fantastic drinks, extraordinary fun and memorable experience. What else could I need?

If you want to experience such adventures with me, I invite you to Rewal, ul. Saperska 1

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